Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Promotion, Promotion, Promotion

Promotion, Promotion, Promotion I don't understand why Artist don't seem to get they need PROMOTION !!! Without promotion you have nothing !!!!! When new artist contact me to see if I can book them, I always ask them if they have a promotional plan, what I hear from them is silents... nothing, nada!!! They don't even think about Promotion, because they think Promotion is something someone else will do for them. News Alert !!! WHO are you talking about, me !!! If you don't invest in yourself what makes you think I will do it, or anybody else. Really if your not going to invest in promotion then why even record. Also no one seems to understand you need a piece of paper with a PLAN written down on it, A PROMOTIONAL PLAN, what in the world is so hard to understand that you need a road map. Look it is simple, if your going to some place you have never been before, what is it that you do? Don't 99% of the world use a Map, a simple map, and if you don't have one pre-printed you then do what, WRITE down the instructions on how to get to where your going. So tell me why is it so hard to understand that you as an artist needs a road map, A PROMOTIONAL PLAN. Okay so now your saying "I don't know what a Promo Plan looks like. Well here is a sample... So think about what your going to do and the cost behind it and write it down, step by step so you don't get lost. Next time you look for a Booking Agent or Agency you can tell them that you have a Promotional Plan and you have done X to date. This way that Agent or Agency knows what else to do or where they can pick up from and follow up on what you have done to date. Also let me just say, this plan is not a one day thing, that plan need to be written in steps and written to be completed in 6 to 12 months. What !!! that long? YES that long, unless you have a staff of about 50 to 100 people working 24/7 this promotion any promotion will take more that 1 week to get your song known. So you better get started.... Oh yeah - Good Luck and save that money because promotion is not cheap. One more item, find your self a Public Relations company or Person that deals in Music and in the genre you recorded. Then show them your Promotional Plan. Planning Your Promotion Campaign - a sample A Hit Maker Concept The commercial Radio, Print Media and TV industry, at this time in history, couldn’t be less friendly to the independent musician, heck even Major Label Artist are having problems, because the Major Labels have pulled back on promotional funds. However, that doesn’t mean there isn’t some significant Radio, Print Media and TV airplay available to you if you know what you’re doing. Outlined below is a plan to consider if you have the four important ingredients necessary for working your record to Radio, Print Media and TV. 1. The MONEY to fund the campaign. 2. A great looking Video of the song or songs you are going to promote. 3. The time to spend working all the stations, websites and Print Media consistently. 4. A product that is READY for national airplay, which is extremely important. When it comes to commercial Radio, Print Media and TV, the chances of getting significant national airplay and favorable Reviews for your independent record are next to none. We live in an era when a small group of powerful media conglomerates own and control the most important Radio, Print Media and TV stations in the land. Unless you are connected to a major label, or are independently wealthy, the costs of promoting your songs nationally to commercial Radio, Print Media and TV have spiraled out of sight. There are, however, lots of mix shows and specialty shows on commercial stations that may offer limited airplay, and at least will get you some awareness in the markets across the country. There will be a lot of work involved in finding these stations yourself, city by city, and music format by music format. I suggest you subscribe to or get a copy of the annual CMJ Directory and look online for every website that has lists of Record Pools, DJs, Online Radio and Cable TV video and non Video shows. If you have money to invest in Radio, Print Media and TV promotion it’s possible to hire an independent "Public Relations" promoter or company who may be able to open some doors to these shows for you. Be prepared to spend several hundred dollars a week for their services. A more realistic approach for airplay and reviews is to consider the options available on the noncommercial side of the FM dial. (88.1 FM to 91.9 FM) With the combination of college Radio, Print Media and TV stations, community stations, and even some of the larger National Public Radio and TV affiliated stations and Cable TV, your chances of getting your record and video played are much better as well as getting to perform live. Below you will find an outline based on how professional record labels plan for their Radio, Print Media and TV promotions. You need to prepare: • A database of commercial and non-commercial stations that you realistically think may play your music. • The timeline you'll use to put the promotional material together (basically setting your deadlines). Be sure to remember that your plan may be distributed to employees, and any independent promotion people you may hire. This plan will be their introduction to you or your artist, and is the plan they will base their work on. 1. Design a detailed overview of your Radio, Print Media and TV promotion plan. • Consider all marketing and promotional ideas listed below. • Propose what you think would work best in each of the areas to help market the record to Radio, Print Media and TV. • Remember to keep cohesiveness between all areas: Give reasons why your music is appropriate to each station you approach, each reporter or editor. • Remember you will need several practical tools/materials to achieve your goals. (Computers, hardware/software, office supplies, money etc.). Address the following specific topics in your plan: Background/Goals: Give a brief history of the artist, and describe the goals of your plan. Make sure you have a real Biography and Promo Pictures. Image: Describe and maintain the artist's image consistently in all promo materials. Radio, Print Media and TV: What Radio and TV format(s) will be targeted? What Print Media would review your music? What markets? Which songs? Any station promotions? (On-air concerts?) Hiring any Independent PR promoters? Publicity: Describe your plans to create a “buzz” in the print media. Any press releases to the music industry trades and regular magazines and newspapers? Update any bios, fact sheets, and other press materials. Sales: Describe Distribution and Retail plans. Any in-store play/ promotions? What other specific sales opportunities? Mail order, live shows, Internet Website, Blogs, Internet Radio? Any store promotional tie-ins with Radio and TV stations? Video: Is a video budget cost effective? Does the Video look as good or better than whats on the top Video shows now? How many songs are on video? What airplay opportunities are there for the video? Touring: Describe the time frame for touring, and other promotional events to coordinate while on the road. Consider specific clubs, halls, fairs, festivals, etc. Any club/venue promotional tie-ins with Radio and TV stations Advertising: Design an ad to be placed in the trades/ consumer music press, and other media? What funds are available for purchasing ads? Describe the costs/benefits? Misc.: Record release party and where? Are you doing more than one Record release party? Will you perform at the Record release party? Maybe a promoter will sponsor your Record release party? Novelty item to give away? Any other clever ideas? Explain clearly each idea. 2. Design a 24 to 48 week plan for the product and promotional tools. * Lay out what needs to be accomplished each week to get the record out. * Consider the: artwork, mastering, credits, sequencing, printing, pressing, booklets, layout/design, Bio, Pictures, One Sheet, Press releases. * Include in the timeline when to start working on the promotional tools that you will need for your plan (photos, press releases, novelty items, display material, ads etc.). * Design the timeline with deadlines for each element of your project. As you can see, a Radio, Print Media and TV promotion campaign is something that is done as part of a wider marketing plan. Always have distribution and sales plans ready, as well as publicity, advertising and touring plans coordinated carefully with your airplay and print campaign. The worst thing that can happen to any song on the Radio, Print and TV is that someone hears the song, but can’t find a way to buy it. Professional major record labels always have distribution and sales connections set up way before they secure Radio, Print Media and TV airplay. You must do the same. Okay so there it is, if I missed something, Let me know... Chino Rodriguez,

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