Saturday, March 27, 2010

Booking - No Passports

Well here is another problem, Booking Artist who tell you they have Passports to Travel when they have never Traveled period and they were waiting to get booked before getting a Passport, well waiting to get booked to get your passport may seem to be a logical thing to do however they did not consider the time frame to get the passport, so now I have a promoter asking me to please send the passports so he can purchase the Visas to enter and exit that country, but these artist wasted time and ordered passports when I sold a gig. This is driving me nuts, I am about to lose this gig of booking 5 acts because all of them don't have passports. God why me...

Onesheet Done and Record is up online

Well I got the info from Ana E. Sanchez for the one sheet a great job. And deal seems to be done with Major Distribution Stream, But as all things, the problems start, I found many sites offering the Single song for FREE, man why is it that people just start assuming it's okay to prirate music I mean the song just got up on iTunes and others are putting it up for Free, along with the Lyrics.. this is not good. I am going to request them to pull it down and if not I am going to have to send the Lawyers after them. Well, on to the next issues.