Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Growing Pains

OMG Feb 24, 2010 - Well Release date is almost here and looking at all the i's and T's is just overwhelming - making sure all is in place so that when this record starts to explode sales will be ready. Today I just got info of Rafy Santana's Authorization paper concerning his CD. I now need to contact Fania and this label Kalimba Records and Latina Sound Recording Studios with a stop letter. Also I need to get Giro's one sheet ready with finding someone to review the Album and writing about it.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

OMG has arrived

Well what can I say, Giro Lopez first single is out on the Market and is being played in Puerto Rico Radio!!!! I am soooooo happy, now with that there is always a thorn and that is La India's new CD has just been released and with the Major distribution (Sony/BMG) I think she will be everywhere. I do hope that her song is well received, and I do hope her record Label does not use dirty tactics to pull Giro's duet with La India off the air. I know both can survive and help each other. My artist Giro need this break right now, hey who am I kidding WE need this break. Giro needs his Fan base to request the song on their favorite Radio station be it a real Radio or Website.
"Islas en el mar" from the album "Todavia Hay Amor". So fans help Giro out !!!