Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Everyone wants to do what I do, Why?

Everyone wants to do what I do, Why? - So I need to write about what is going on in a Depressed time of October 2012, I have been booking Bands and Artists, and even other type of entertainment since around 1974, and I have always had a hard time if it wasn't because I had other interest such as working in Systems, getting to upper management in some big corporations and selling a computer hardware and programming company in the late 80's, the truth is I would really not still be doing this Music Booking business... oh yeah I have had some advantage and LUCK and as people say fallen into shit, but that is because of my nature, the way I treat people who I see will become something or are respectful of others and themselves. I just heard about these 2nd rate producers as well as second rate record executives are now looking at starting a Booking Agency, but with an angle, provide Public Relations and Publicity and well as pushing out Artist and Bands to Promoters, Buyers and basically come out as an Agency that has these artist exclusive, also mind you, these are not A list artist / bands these were at one time A list names but in a world of what have you done lately, these acts are more oldies but goodies, until the next New Artist or A List artist makes a hit or by chance one of the oldie but goodie make another hit song, hey could happen!!. Well I am writing about this because as you may or may not know, in life things always gets back to ones ears... and my Name comes up in conversations, as being the brick wall that these new Agencies must break down. I must laugh at this, not because these people feel as if I am in their way, really ?? me ??, Look the real is, the TIME of the era is against them, I feel that there are only a handful of private Booking Agencies, I am one, Juan Toro, Andy Pozo and then a few other Dominican guys that basically have continued from what their fathers have started and now their fathers are now passed or retired and so the sons have continued hey that's great, But hello they are running Agencies that are established... I have stayed above water for many reasons, one, I get income from a Savings which was from a company I sold for a price that I dumped the funds in a savings, two, I get funds from odd jobs I do in a real work world as a consultant as a programmer and also hardware repair and modification, three, I assist in musical productions, recording, concert productions, and promotions etc... and then of course Bookings. As I mentioned, Live Music Bookings is very hard work and a thankless job, from all sides, Artist, Buyer and anyone of the staff or investors. The point is because of my wit I have stayed in business and above water. As time passes I have noticed that people become more mean with each other (including me I guess) because they have not figured out how to keep that income coming, and because they have started or are starting a business that needs BALLs to work in, they think by targeting an old-timer that has not really looked to handle exclusively the A list artist or any bands, but yet still gets permission from those A list acts and the management teams to be able to say I have them exclusive on a non exclusive basis ;-), anyway trying to block my efforts or taking away the B and C and D list acts, they think they will close me down or place a dent in my income. News alert, it's not easy for me, what makes them think that doing whatever, will make them number one... I don't get it, and I feel that's just mean and drumming up bad vibes. I live my life easier than in the past, in New York I would do things that I now regret I ever did. But I did them, and the rule of life is if you place an older, wiser animal in a corner thinking that animal does not have the energy or a way to get away or not attack because it's old and/or has d-clawed him/herself, keep in mind that your not thinking about experience and experience gives that cornered animal a strategy of how to plan the next step. Does that animal act dead, hurt, scared or does it attack as a crazy animal, or fake foam at the mouth to scare the attacker, or just dodge the attack and get away. In either case that animal will plan a retaliation and that plan will include a finally that may or may not include everything but the kitchen sink. And since these people gave a tell at the poker table, they made their first mistake. Instead of making me feel that the fight is not worth it because I am old and not really into going to war, or maybe my connections and following are retired or dead so I would not have any political power (friends) to assist. They are painfully wrong, We as a group of Agencies that compete with each other on normal days, will work with each other and will come together to protect what is ours, unless one of us has died, we basically don't like giving up the little we have. Just like every animal in the world they all mark their play area and if another animal comes into that area to claim it... Watch Out.... So the moral to my blog today is watch out it ain't over till the fat lady sings.... and there is no such thing as cosa nostra. (okay so I am Venting, a guy has the right to vent) ;-) Chino "Carmine" Rodriguez - Latin Music Booking - online since 1991 est. 1974