Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Happy New Year - 2012

So it's 2012, the end of the calendar, well if this is the end, I must say I had a good run. I just got some bad news on my personal life side. My son's father in-Law has been given months to live, yeah cancer, I feel bad about that, my grand kids have seen him more than I only because my daughter-in-law chase my wife and I away years ago, but that’s another story. Any way her father is now dying and has been given a few months, this means maybe by April or May he may be gone. He is a nice guy, the grand kids are in my opinion more attached to him because he lives 3 minutes away, while I live 8 hours away. I have never had a long discussion with him, but he has been very gracious with us, I know he feels alittle guilty that he and his wife get to see the kids often, but it’s not his fault and I know that. I feel pretty bad that he will be gone soon, we never were best of buddies but I know he would always speak up on our behalf, if there was a discussion that we were mentioned. It’s so awkward because I don’t know what to say, or how to prepare for what will happen. I understand he is like a tooth pick now, because of the Kimo therapy, he can’t eat and now that he is home he is going to try to eat since his therapy has stopped. I understand he is going to get looking like if he is getting better, he’ll fatten up, and color will come back to his face. But that is just giving us faults hope , because the Doctors already have told us that he has a few months if that. I will pray for his soul, and ask my church to do some rosesary prayers in his name. Pete Ferandino make your peace. A warning to all who smoke, Please Stop !!! and those who don’t right now, Don’t start !!!, Sad day.

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